The Death and Resurrection

Jesus Died and rose for you and me


Multitudes of people followed Jesus – hearing His teachings, witnessing His miracles. The religious leaders did not like Jesus getting so much attention so they devised a plan to kill Jesus, who was 33 years of age. They made false statements about Him in court and demanded that Pontius Pilate, the Roman judge, sentence Jesus to die. They screamed, “Crucify Him!”

The Roman soldiers beat Him with a whip 39 times. His flesh was torn in strips and blood oozed down His back. These 39 stripes are for the healing of my body and yours. By His stripes we are healed. The Old Testament covenant required the death of a perfect sacrifice in order to take away the peoples’ sins.

Jesus was forced to carry His own cross up the hill, Golgotha. He was nailed to a cross of rough wood that was thrust into the ground. As He hung on the cross, people mocked and scorned him for calling Himself the Son of God.

As He died Jesus declared, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.” He pronounced, “It is finished!” as He died. By saying these words He acknowledged that He had done the work which the Father had sent Him to earth to do. He was an obedient Son. The instant Jesus died the vail of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. The sky was darkened as night. 

Jesus Burial

Friends of Jesus took His body off the cross and buried Him in a borrowed tomb with enough burial spices for a king. The Romans assigned soldiers to guard Jesus’ grave because the Jews were afraid that Jesus’ body would be stolen. To prevent this from happening, a very heavy stone was rolled across the tomb and it was sealed shut.

His Resurrection

After three days in the grave, Jesus came back to life. Because of His resurrection nearly 2000 years ago, Easter is still celebrated today. When some of Jesus’ followers came to the tomb and found it empty they were afraid. Jesus then appeared to His followers outside the tomb.

Jesus lived on earth for fifty days after His resurrection from the dead. More than 500 people saw Him and witnessed the events. He ate with some of these witnesses. He let one of His disciples, Thomas, touch His wounds.

Because Jesus was resurrected from the dead you and I have the promise that we will also come back to life and live with Jesus if we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Jesus Returns To heaven

After spending time with the disciples during the 50 days following His resurrection, Jesus returned to His Father in Heaven. Many people witnessed His departure from the earth as He ascended through the clouds into the heavens (Acts 1:9-11). As He was leaving Jesus promised to return again. Someday Jesus will return to take His believers from the earth. If you have believed that Jesus is the Son of God and have received Jesus as your risen Savior and have been forgiven of your sins, you will go to Heaven in His second coming whether you are still living on this earth or have died in the faith (Matt 24:30-36). You must pray to be ready for the return of Jesus. Matthew 24:42-44



Jesus is alive today!!

Jesus is alive today and He wants to help anyone who will call upon Him. He sits on His throne in Heaven and is always ready to intercede for you when you pray and ask Him. Jesus will help you with your depression, sickness, disease, sin, guilt, or bondage if you will pray and ask Him.

You can pray and be forgiven of your sins and become a believer in Jesus Christ. Jesus prayed to His Father in Heaven. He taught others how to pray. Click here to learn how to pray. You can know Jesus as your personal Savior. When you accept Jesus into your heart you begin a new life spiritually.